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Geographical sweet spot

For years, the finest coffee globally has come from farms in Boquete, Chiriquí Province, Panama. The slopes of Volcano Baru offer an ideal setting for coffee cultivation. At an elevation of 1,800 meters, the mineral-rich soil, abundant with nutrients and teeming with beneficial microorganisms, creates an optimal terroir. This results in thriving coffee plants producing beans rich in flavor and aroma, making them a favorite among coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Geographical spot
Coffee farm

Coffee farm

Our farm is situated high in the slopes of Volcano Baru, where our coffee plants can flourish in the rich soil and fresh, clean air of high altitude. A gentle human hand is tending the plants all year around, ensuring they have the perfect conditions to thrive. All the harvesting is done by hand, ensuring that the cherries are picked at their ripest– which can be different for each individual coffee cherry.


We ensure that every process of the coffee growing is done in harmony with the nature. We use artisan techniques and adapt the production to the changing climate demands. Our coffee matures under the shade which allows us to preserve the very best quality of the beans, while also taking care of the environment.


Our farm produces different varieties of Arabica coffee. We focus on varieties Catuai and Gesha, or commonly referred to as Geisha. The Catuai coffee beans offer a very balanced cup, while highly valued Gesha produces an extremely aromatic cup with varieties in drying process and roasting.


As our production processes adapt to each year’s climate demands, the coffee beans produce different flavour tones each season. While maintaining the quality of the bean, we also like to use different drying or roasting techniques, which in turn produce a range of aromatic cups within Catuai or Gesha coffee beans.

Local communities

Local communities

We believe that investing in the quality of life of the people improves the entire process of coffee production. Therefore, our profits are used to help the communities that are involved in the coffee process.


Visit our NGO's websites for more information.


We breathe with coffee every day of the year. That is why the quality of the end product is super important for us as producers, and for the customers who enjoy it.


We’ve decided to test the quality of our coffee in the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme – Great Taste. Since our first entry in cooperation with other roasters, our coffee has received more than 20 Great Taste awards.


Since 2021, we are participating in the competition under our own name Café de Panama – La Huella. Our coffee has been recognized as top-quality product and received Great Taste awards each year since!


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At the core of our mission is the guiding principle, 'Selected by Hand, Nourished by Nature.' This ethos serves as both our motivation and a constant reminder that the environment, from which our coffee springs, must be nurtured and safeguarded to sustain our endeavors. Our commitment to preserving nature and aligning our processes in harmony with it allows us to cultivate the highest quality coffee beans while upholding responsibility and environmental friendliness.


In our unwavering dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint, every detail matters, right down to our thoughtfully chosen coffee packaging. Our coffee finds its home in CO2-neutral bags, a deliberate choice that helps mitigate the impact of our operations on climate change. Moreover, we extend our commitment to sustainability with our meticulously crafted coffee boxes. Our boxes are crafted from fully recyclable cardboard, ensuring an eco-friendly disposal option. Exclusive, hand-made smaller box boasts a composition of 95% recycled paper and 5% recycled coffee residue. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also infuses a unique touch to our packaging. We take pride in presenting not just exceptional coffee but a conscientious approach to the environment, embodied in every cup and every box.

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